Material Coating – วัสดุเคลือบถุงมือ


MaterialTemperature ResistantGOODPOOR
Natural Rubber 0° to 300°F-17° to 150°CAll water soluble liquids,such as Alcohols & Acetones for organics  
Polyvinyl Chloride“PVC”0° to 200°F-17° to 65°CPetroleum, Acids, Fats,Hydrocarbons, Oils, Caustics,Alcohols, & Glycol Ethers for most organics  
Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) for aromatic and chlorinated solvents; for water-based solutions– water destroys the gloves!
Neoprene -10° to 200°F-23° TO 93°CAcids, Alcohol, Oils, Grease,Caustics, Inks, Detergents,Fertilizers, Refrigerants& Ketones   
Nitrile25° to 300°F-4° to 150°COils, Greases, Acids,Caustics and most allPetroleum Based Products  
Butyl for highly corrosive acids, ketones, esters, gases; aliphatic, aromatic hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, gasoline
Poly Urethane “PU”–85 ºF (-65ºC)gasoline · machine oils, etccarbolic acid, formaldehyde, zinc, heavy metals, evaporative residue (water) – under the limits 

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